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Facilities Management

We offer three models for managing branded facilities:


Business Service Model 1 –Small Projects –On demand 24

Our On Demand 24 FM service provides Clients with as and when required facility management solutions. Our technicians are ready to provide maintenance and repairs for all signs and branded environments. Within Greater Accra we mobilize to start work within 24 hours of the project activity being agreed and signed off by the Client. For regular customers we additionally offer an express service where emergency repairs due to storm damage or accidents require immediate action.

This service model is appropriate to Clients with individual facilities or small chains of retail or service outlets.


Business Service Model 2 – Medium Projects – Contract 12

Contract 12 offers a regular monthly monitoring and activity service to individual facilities or clusters of related customer sites. The aim is to provide preventative maintenance oversight on a monthly basis. As agreed with the customer signs and other branded surfaces are cleaned, changed or upgraded at specific intervals, monthly, quarterly or biannually.

Facilities appropriate for this service include; Airports, Retail bank branch networks, fuel stations network, food courts and fast food franchises, shopping malls and markets.


Business Service Model 3 –Large Projects - On site 24/7

For large and complex facilities requiring constant attention we provide an on site team of sign and branding technicians.

The service ensures all signs and communication products are always well presented and fit for purpose. Unforeseen requirements for immediate signs or communication display are produced and installed using our on site printing technology and display materials.

Facilities appropriate for this service includes – Extractive industries and Mine sites, Industrial and manufacturing complexes, oil and gas refineries and supply plants, AMA etc



Speed of delivery

Sign System Products

A Sign of the times

We offer a full range of communication signs, corporate logo display products, bespoke creations and event spectaculars for interior and external use. All our products are available with the latest lighting and digital systems and offer outstanding value.

Over the last 12 years we have developed extensive expertise in design, manufacturing and installing signs and their associated accessories.

We engineer our sign products to be appropriate to the application, budget, environmental conditions and design specifications. All products are able to withstand storm force winds, harsh UV rays from the sun and temperature variations.

Our manufacturing techniques range from computer cut acrylic elements, moulded letters, fabricated metal shapes through to traditional carver hardwood. We take pride in manufacturing the majority of our products in Ghana and offer continuity of supply for a minimum of five years.


Full sign range

Wall mounted logo signs for reception spaces both illuminated and non-illuminated.

External brand logo signs both illuminated and non-illuminated.

External freestanding pylon signs both illuminated and non-illuminated.

Slat directory signs

Rail signs with neon or LED lighting

Reflective health and safety signs

Door signs

Meeting room signs

Mandatory warning signs

Industrial caution signs

‘A’ frame collapsible signs

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Speed of delivery

Branded Environments

‘A brand for a company is like the reputation of a person. You earn reputation by doing the hard things well’. Jeff Bezos – Amazon

In an increasingly competitive world consistency of brand presentation is essential. Customers, employees and stakeholders are reassured by precise and familiar branding on the products and in the environments which they are presented.

We recognize brands do not stand still and evolve as society or the business marketplace changes. The Digitalization of brands and logos in a variety of environments is an area we are keen to pioneer and champion.

At FM24 we aim to work closely with our Clients and their brand identities. Our design team studies the corporate brand guidelines and with regular Client meetings seeks to:

  •  Fully understand the brand ethos and related corporate culture though the brand and its application.
  • Provide exact reproduction of the brand identity with logo device, colour matching, specific fonts, associated symbols, textures and related design elements.
  • Follow the brand guidelines to the letter to ensure branded surfaces, sign products, digital displays and associated elements are produced and installed to the exact specifications.

Speed of delivery
Speed and efficiency of brand presentation and roll out is key to a rebranding campaign. We have a significant amount of experience in major brand rollouts across the Country.
New Thinking
For Clients looking for fresh insights into branding and implementation we can provide innovative design concepts.